CEMEX Earth Day 2022 Florida Classroom Contest

Thanks for celebrating Earth Day with us! Below, you’ll find project details, material suggestions, instructions and classroom prizes. This activity meets Visual Arts standard 68.F.1.1 - and helps students learn about how they can invest in the preservation of our planet.

The contest closes on April 15th, and submissions can be sent using the form on this page. Be sure to include a completed release form (PDF) with your entry.

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Jenna Emerson

Using Repurposed Materials to Create an Earth Day Themed Art Piece Around the Theme of: Invest in Our Planet

Standards Application

Use non-traditional thinking and various techniques to create two-, three-, and/or four-dimensional artworks.


Students will create an Earth Day themed art piece around the theme of: Invest in Our Planet. Choose one of the types of sculptures below:

  • Relief sculpture: a three-dimensional sculpture made by attaching objects onto a flat surface. It should hang on the wall and is viewed as a "flat" backed surface.
  • Sculpture in the "round": A three-dimensional sculpture that shows length, depth, width (3 dimensions) that can be viewed by others from all angles.
  • Functional Sculpture : any three-dimensional sculpture that can be used... it can "function" as a purse, bag, table, hat, etc.
  • Decorative Sculpture: any three-dimensional sculpture that is simply made for aesthetic qualities (seen only for its beauty, not to use it for a function.)

Possible Materials

  • Styrofoam: egg cartons, packing peanuts; food containers; meat trays
  • Cardboard: food boxes, paper boxes, corrugated boxes, ice cream containers, drink trays
  • Plastics: soap containers, lotion bottles, shampoo bottles, laundry bottles & lids, plastic shopping Bags, soda 6-pack rings
  • Aluminum: clean/used tin foil, food wrapper linings
  • Paper: shredded paper, envelopes, letters, junk mail, news paper
  • Odds & Ends: CDs, chipped plates/mugs, jewelry pieces
  • Wire: old coat hangers, twist ties from garbage bags
  • Metals: nuts & bolts, screws, soda tabs/lids
  • Fabric: old tablecloths, sheets, scrap fabric swatches, torn clothing, old curtains
  • Etc.: Liquid Glue, zip ties, hot glue, paint, brushes, stapler, poster board


Use your imagination to create an art piece made from these repurposed materials. You do not have to use all the materials available. Take your time and create something that is meaningful to you. You can work in groups or individually. Please paint in designated areas that protect surfaces. If you are working with cut aluminum cans you are required to use gloves while handling the material. Be careful when using hot glue guns. Make sure to label your finished piece with first and last name of all team members and school.One entry per classroom. The contest is open to Florida classrooms only. All entries must include a completed release form. (PDF)

Classroom Prizes

  • First Place Classroom $500
  • Second Place Classroom $250
  • Third Place Classroom $150

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