Who We Are

We’re your neighbors, friends, and family members with Hernando County roots that run four generations deep. Alongside Facebook, Whole Foods, and Costco, Cemex was listed on Fortune’s 50 “Change the World” companies that are “doing well by doing good.” At Cemex, we “do good” by acting locally.

Every year, hundreds of local students visit Cemex’s Environmental Education Center, where they learn from our scientists and engineers about local wildlife and how to protect it. We also volunteer actively in the community, contributing expertise, raw materials and financial support to ARC Nature Coast, Hernando County Public Schools, Habitat for Humanity and many more.

What We Do

We make a natural stone product that’s used to manufacture building materials, such as concrete, and forms the foundation of local homes, hospitals, schools, roads and bridges. It’s literally the building block of modern society and, because it’s locally-sourced, Hernando County taxpayers enjoy savings that improve everyone’s quality-of-life.

Why It Matters to You

Our local operations—a cement plant, quarry, and concrete ready-mix facility—are economically essential to Hernando County. Cemex directly employs nearly 350 local workers, and the jobs of over a thousand more, right here in Hernando, depend on us.

In fact, Cemex’s operations pay $4.5 million dollars a year in local taxes, which help fund Hernando County’s public schools, roads, police services, and fire protection. Just as importantly, we believe in good jobs and good wages—our local workers earn an average annual compensation of roughly $60,000, helping many families enjoy a good quality of life.

The work we do in Hernando County is also important to Florida. Across our state, natural stone products from our Brooksville operations make countless roads, bridges, schools, homes, and hospitals possible. Locally-sourced stone delivers savings for Hernando County residents and taxpayers, supports high-paying jobs in our community, and fuels America’s economic engine.