Cemex Employee Spotlight: Meet Stripping Crew Lead Garrett Tormey - Cemex In Hernando

Cemex Employee Spotlight: Meet Stripping Crew Lead Garrett Tormey

As a Crew Lead at Cemex Brooksville, there’s nothing Garrett Tormey can’t fix. He’s the sort of handyman friend you call about your leaky pipe or broken A/C.

Garrett and his 10-man stripping crew take care of our entire Cemex Brooksville quarry, which means maintaining internal roads, re-configuring travel-ways, and ensuring all equipment is always up and running.

And when he clocks out, he doesn’t drive home to a suburban community with green, uniform lawns. It’s just not his style. “I’m what you might consider backwoods,” Garrett says—which isn’t something you’d expect a man who was born and raised in New York to say. “Well, I’m not from the City,” he explains. “I grew up in the country up there.”

Now he lives in the country down here. “I have a beautiful country home where I’ve been raising cattle for the last 8 years,” says Garrett. “And it’s all due to working at Cemex for the last 20.”

As a cattle rancher, Garrett naturally cares deeply about land stewardship and that’s what he loves most about Cemex. “They’re a great supporter of jobs, good stewards of the land and they’ve made it possible for my wife and I to live the lives we’ve always dreamed of and for our kids to do what they do.”

His kids are cut from the same cloth, with minds for community service and a fascination with livestock. “I’m a Livestock Committee Member for the fair,” Garrett says. “I helped the kids with their 4-H projects. My oldest son did a steer project and my youngest raised rabbits.”

But it’s not all blood, sweat and livestock for Garrett and his boys. They have fun too. “My youngest plays HYL baseball,” he says. Garrett used to coach and always helps with HYL fundraisers: “My son’s been playing since T-ball. The game’s taught him a lot.”

For Garrett Tormey, hard work and a rural way of life is what it’s all about. “Cemex has been a really good company to work for,” he says. “Rain or shine, they keep a lot of great people employed and that’s allowed me to work hard and serve my family and community. I call that a good living.”