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A Better Society, One Neighborly Act at a Time

A Better Society, One Neighborly Act at a Time

CEMEX is in the business of laying groundwork. From cul-de-sacs to highways, community centers to school buildings, CEMEX provides the building blocks of modern life through reliable service and high quality building products.

But beyond infrastructure and office buildings, CEMEX cares about the people who use them and the communities they create together.

That’s why CEMEX donated and packed over 250 hygiene kits for the local Salvation Army Shelter during their quarterly management meeting in Fort Myers.

“Sometimes it only takes a few hours out of the day to make a difference,” said CEMEX Public Affairs Manager, Jenna Emerson. “The Salvation Army is improving quality of life for Fort Myers residents who are experiencing crisis. By offering a helping hand, CEMEX can lay the groundwork for a better society, one neighborly act at a time.”

The Florida Aggregate Team, consisting of 50 CEMEX managers, donated $2500 worth of items. The packages included all the bathroom necessities as well as bug repellent sunscreen, snack packs, combs and chap stick. Engineering students from Florida Gulf Coast University also stopped by to join in on the fun and earn community service.

“Being active in the communities where we live and work is a core value at CEMEX,” said Emerson. “We want to pursue every opportunity to invest in the social and economic development of our surrounding communities.”

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