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Lending a Hand to a Neighbor in Need

Lending a Hand to a Neighbor in Need

Thanks to the Internet and nonstop cable news, we hear more about the world’s crises than ever before. But for those who want to help, one nagging question remains: Where do we start?

“We’ll never begin to tackle the world’s problems until we start right here at home,” said Joel Galassini, Vice-President and General Manager at CEMEX Florida Aggregates. “And that can be as simple as lending a hand to a neighbor in need.”

That’s why Joel and 50 other CEMEX employees put on their hard hats to work with New Beginnings – a faith-based non-profit that’s devoted to helping the homeless, hungry and poor in Central Florida.

The CEMEX team spent the day working on several much-needed projects at New Beginnings’ residential housing property. The projects ranged from yardwork to painting and even general cleaning. A team of employees also relocated a swing set to the main house, which was a project that New Beginnings wanted to accomplish for over 2 years.

The homes on the property are offered to eligible homeless men, women and women with children who are admitted to New Beginnings’ 13-week Rehabilitation Program. The program consists of life skills training, job training and money management classes. 80% of those admitted leave with stable employment and permanent housing.

“At CEMEX, we want to lay the groundwork for a better society, one hand-up at a time,” said Public Affairs Manager Jenna Emerson. “New Beginnings was the perfect partner to advance that goal.”

To learn more about the work that New Beginnings does in Central Florida, click here.